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Procureit Australia is your source for Synthetic Resin based fibre commonly used in ship stern drive bearings. This material has commonly been know as Canvas Bakelite can also be identified by the following trade names: Formica, Micarta, Novasteen, Tufnol, Ferroform, Ferrobestos, Railko, Orkot, Isolit, Paxolin,Vulcapas, Vulcatex, Texolex, Spauldite and Etronax

Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric, Canvas Bakelite is made from a Phenol Formaldehyde thermosetting resin which is impregnated into a cotton canvas cloth fabric. Generally three types of cotton are used for sheet production; fine, medium and coarse weave and are classified under the following specifications: Fine Medium Coarse British Specification - BS 2572 Type F1 Type F2 Type F3 Australian Standard - ASK 118-1960 Type F1 Type F2 Type F3 National Electrical Manufacturers Association LE CE C Military Specification - (Mil-P 15035C) Type FBE Type FBG Type FBM

(Please contact us for rod and tube specifications) These grades are mainly used for mechanical applications where high strength, toughness and wear resistance are required. They are strong and rigid while exhibiting negligible creep or cold flow under load while being light, 20-25% the weight of steel, giving a high strength to weight ratio. They are all electrical insulators with properties ranging from moderate to excellent. From a wear resistance perspective, the grades are excellent however their advantage is their ability to be effectively lubricated by water or water based solutions as an alternative to conventional oils or greases.

Environmentally, these grades are not harmed or corroded by exposure to outdoor weather conditions and are resistant to dilute acids and alkalis and a wide range of solvents. They are capable of working in a wide variety of temperatures ranging from cryogenics up to plus 120ºC continuously. Fields of application: Stern drive bearings, Gears Bearings Slide ways Cams Piston rings Jigs & fixtures Electrical insulators Compressor blades Pipeline support pads Thrust washers Pile driver dollies Rollers Canvas Bakelite® can also be identified by the following trade names: Formica®, Micarta®, Novasteen® Tufnol® Ferroform®, Railko®, Orkot®, Isolit®, Paxolin®,Vulcapas®, Vulcatex®, Texolex®, Spauldite® and Etronax®

Also available Rancan Ranplex densified wood which is a natural fibre based, void free, 100% resin filled Platen / Electrical grade material.

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