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Type A Female x adaptor Type B Male BSP x coupler Type C Female x hose tail Type D Female BSP coupler
Type E Hose shank adaptor Type F Male adaptor Type DC Dust cap Double Male adaptor
Type DP Dust plug Camlock flange Camlock seal

Procureit has access to all the major brands of camlocks. Technical specialists are on hand to solve your camlock requirements. Special items can be sourced or manufactured to your specifications.

We offer kamlock camlock type A, camlock type B, camlock type C, camlock type D, camlock type E, camlock type F, camlock female adaptor, camlock male coupler, camlock hose shank coupler, camlock female coupler, camlock double adaptor, camlock dust plug, camlock dust cap in aluminium, bronze, polypropylene and stainless steel.

Procureit has the capacity to handle all requests from 'one off specials' to complete camlock inventory supply to mines, mills and food industry customers. Your urgent camlock requests can be airfreighted and on your doorstep in 2 - 3 days * and stock orders can be consigned seafreight at competitve rates.

To assist with inventory control we can label camlock products for your inventory stock with your stock number and warehouse location at the source ensuring ease and accuracy in checking in product at your end.

For price and availability of your requirements please email Procureit today!

Procureit Australia Pty Ltd
ABN: 80 106 789 342
PO Box 249
Geebung, Qld 4034 AUSTRALIA
Ph + 617 3889 9525
Fax + 617 3889 9115

Email sales@procureit.com.au

* 2-3 working days to approved customers providing the item is available in the Brisbane metropolitan area on the day of order and subject to transport.
All brand names and logos depicted are property of their respective trademark owners.