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Procureit has access to all the major brands of container seals and cargo seals including Bolt seals which are ISO / PAS 17712 H stamped C-TPAT compliant. We can supply Aluvin Securiseal container seals, Brammel container seals, oneseal container seals, stoffel container seals, tyden container seals, klicker container seals and harcor container seals. Check the range below, if what you are after is not listed here please contact us for availability...

Ringlock seals

Ringlock seals
Ringlock seals

The ringlock seal provides a positive barrier against unauthorised tampering or entry. Once the seal is closed, it is impossible to open with out destroying or damaging the seal or leaving visible signs of damage. The ringlock seal is a quick, economical way of providing security on a wide range of applications including storage bins, railcars, freezer doors, warehouses, tote bins, truck doors or wherever goods are in transit. These ringlocks are a one piece 'snap fix' seal, they can barcoded, colour-matched or logo embossed and can be easily attached or removed by hand. Standard length is 217mm and standard colours are reg and green, other lengths and colours can be ordered in. Standard number is sequential alphanumeric with seven spaces. Packed in boxes of 1000 pcs.

Posicheck metal seals

Posicheck seals

Sophisticated design ensures a high level of security and maximum protection against tampering. Visual indicator and alignment holes help to aid check the sealing process. Serial numbers permanently embossed with individual alphanumeric numbering. HM Customs and excise accepted sub-group 2. Fits through extremely thin slots which others cannot. The Posicheck comes in boxes of 1000 pcs.

Tyden Brammall seals

Tyden Brammall seals Tyden Tie Wire Extension

The Tyden seal has a unique patented locking ball head. The Tyden seals are manufactured from tin plate and are sequentially numbered. They are ideal for use on trucks, containers and rail carts. The seals have a useable length of 177mm and are packed in boxes of 1000 pcs. Also available as pictured are 50m rolls of Aluvin 4mm wide slotted extension tie wire suitable for Tyden Brammall and other seals.

Omega seals

Omega seals

Plastic and metal assembly gives maximum physical security. Fast application by hand. Can only be removed by scissors. Stepless grip design produces a smooth strap and no sore fingers. Narrow strap suitable for small apertures down to 2.0mm. 160mm operational length, available in white, packed in boxes of 1000 pcs.

Snapper Bolt seals

Snapper Bolt seals

A high security metal and plastic bolt seal which is ISO / PAS 17712 H stamped C-TPAT compliant. These seals are specially designed for sealing containers and doors of all descriptions used for shipping, airfreight, roadfreight and railfreight. The Snapper Bolt seal comes in high visibility yellow, they are shatter resistant and the plastic covering gives a clear evidence of tampering as well as providing corrosion resistance. These seals have a pull strength of approximately 1720kg and a shear strength of approximately 2000kg. Numbering is available on both bolt and body. These seals have customs acceptance in both the UK and USA. The seals are fully lubricated to prevent friction attack and are removable only with bolt cutters. These seals come in boxes of 250 pcs.

Cable seals

Cable seals

Available in a variety of cable sizes and lengths. Customs approval in the UK and the USA. These cable seals can only be removed with wire cutters.Standard seals are sequentially number. Logo possibilities for quantities over 10,000 pcs. Ideal where hasps and latches are not properly aligned and where flexing of the seal is required. These seals come in boxes of 1000 pcs.

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