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Procureit can supply you with all your hose and fitting requirements.

Flexible hose Flexible hose assembly

Stainless steel flexible corrugated hose and stainless steel flexible corrugated hose assemblies are available. Stainless Steel Wire Braiding and Hose Assemblies in SS AISI 304, 321, 316 & 316-L, conform to International Quality Standards. Corrugated hose is manufactured to BS6501 part 1, 1991 with the suffix letter A,B or C indicating the hose flexiblility in that standard. We can also supply highly flexible closed-pitch hoses for special applications and P-type flexible hoses. Size Range : Nominal Bore (NB) : 6mm to 300mm Material : AISI 304, 321, 316 & 316-L. Hose assembly fittings are available in Mild steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Gun Metal , Rolled Bronze. Flange connection with fixed & floating flanges to meet DIN, ANSI, ASA standards or as per Customerís specification.

Important notes with stainless steel flexible corrugated hose.

Pressure Loss The pressure loss in corrugated hoses is 100 % higher than in new welded steel pipes. This means that in the case of corrugated hoses as increase in diameter of 15 % is required to reduce the pressure loss to the value of the pressure loss in steel pipes. The bore of a corrugated hose is so constructed that the pressure drops due to greater friction than that of a smooth bore pipe.

Flow velocity High velocity causes resonance and vibration resulting in early failure of corrugated hoses. For flow velocity higher than 50m/sec. for gas and 25 m/sec. for liquids, an interlock lining should be provided inside the hose assembly. The above values get further reduced to 50 % for 90 deg bend and 25 % for 45 deg. Bend.

Hose Hose

RUBBER HOSE Air Hose Wire Braided Hose Hot Tar Hose Windshield Hose Air Hose Compressor Hose Petrol and Oil Discharge Hose Washer/Vacuum Tubing Hose Air Hose-Assemblies Hose Petrol and Oil Suction Hose Standard Heater Hose Welding Hose Bower Hose Heavy Duty Heater Hose Twinweld Hose Ortac Hose Silicone Heater Hose LPG Hose MPT Hose Radiator Hose Sandblast Hose Premoflex Hose Flexible Radiator Hose Dry Cement Hose Red/White Food Grade Hose Heavy Duty Quick Fit Hose Hot Air Hose Fras Air/Water Delivery Hose Rubber Airbrake Hose Concrete Delivery Hose Fras Air/Water Suction Hose Hydraulic Hose Water Discharge Layflat Hose Fras Heavy Duty Air Hose Water Blast Hose Water Discharge Standard Hose Fras Cable Trailing Hose Sewerage Cleaning Hose Water Discharge Super Hose Fras Stone Dusting Hose Foodmaster Hose Water Suction Hose Chemical Transfer Hose Red Back Hose Fabric Braided Steam Hose Anhydrous Ammonia Hose Wire Braided Steam Hose Material Handling Hose

PVC HOSE Safety Yellow 'S' Drinking Water Travelling Irrigation TMP Petrol Resistant Divers/Air Breather PVC Duct Tee Pee Flex Garden Hose High Temperature Ducting Food Contact Nylon Tubing Industrial Vacuum Delivery Weedicide and Pesticide Self Store Heavy Duty Vacuum AG-Spray Grey Heavy Duty Suction Automatic Pool Fras Mining Light Weight Suction Polyurethane Ducting PR-Petrol Resistant Blue Petrol and Oil Plutone Suction Drum Pump "Super-E" Suction TPR Ducting Fire Reel Food Contact Suction Code 1000 Hose Washdown Wine Suction Code 951 Chemical Premium Washdown Milk Suction Code 969 Solchem Washing Machine Milk Tanker Code 901 Transoil Clear Food Grade Medium Duty Layflat Code 966 Hot Bitumen Beva Tube Heavy Duty Layflat

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Stainless steel flexible corrugated hose and stainless steel flexible corrugated hose assemblies