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Procureit are pleased to offer our range of parts washers, these part washers are available in various sizes including 3.5 gallon, 20 gallon and 40 gallon sizes. These parts washers are robust and versatile and are CE certified and UL listed. All units have a fully sealed magnetic pump.Colours may vary from illustrations!

Parts washer 3.5 Gallon mini # PW3.5

# PW3.5 is a 3.5 gallon mini parts washer, the unit has a gross weight of 8.5kgs and a nett weight of 7kgs. The tank dimensions are 436mm L x 335mm W x 222mm High. The PW3.5 parts washer has an output of 0.5 gallon per minute.The PW3.5 mini parts washer is ideal for the small garage, home and business. These units are of a heavy duty construction, have a fusible link and a steel lid. The PW3.5 mini parts washer is a must have at only AUD$80.00 each


Parts washer 20 Gallon # PW20

# PW20 is a 20 gallon parts washer and stand, the unit has a gross weight of 35kgs. The unit is rugged and maded of welded steel. This unit is ideal for most workshops. This unit is attractively priced at AUD$178.00 each


Parts washer 40 Gallon # PW40

# PW40 is a 40 gallon parts washer and stand, the unit is a one piece construction with powder finish and a fully sealed magnetic pump. The PW40 parts washer has a gross weight of 46kgs and a nett weight of 44kgs. This unit is ideal for the larger workshop.

Fluid is recirculated through a replaceable filter element and directed onto the workpiece through a flexible metal delivery nozzle. The 40 gallon capacity tank is suitable for cleaning large engine components. The fusible link automatically snaps the lid shut in the event of a fire. The unit has a parts basket for cleaning small parts in solvent. Tank dimensions:929mm(L) x 568mm(W) x 402mm(H). This unit is attractively priced at AUD$290.00 each



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