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Procureit are pleased to offer the MobIRM8 mobile-like Infrared camera. This revolutionary camera represents a new milestone in Infrared imaging. The MobIR M8 is the first mobile like pocket IR camera. The fully integrated features are designed without compromise, the unit has a robust inspection capability and offers easy operation, high reliability at an affordable price. The MobIR M8 is ultra-compact, light-weight and fully integrated. The unit provides precision non-contact temperature measurement with large capacity image storage. The MobIRM8 has crisp thermal and visual imaging, plug and play connectivity with lower power dissipation and long durability. The IR camera comes standard with 13mm IR lens, 2.47" TFT and 1.2" CSTN colour LCD, rechargeable Li-ion battery, battery charger, USB extension cable, Audio/video cable, post analysis software, user manual, leather sheathe and packing case.

MobIR M8 AUD$ 12,950.00 +



Imaging Performance


Detector type:

FPA Microbolometer (160 x 120 pixels)

Spectral Range:

8-14 m

Field of View:

20.6 x 15.5/11m

Thermal Sensitivity:

≤120mk at 30С

Image Frequency:

50Hz PAL/ 60Hz NTSC, non-interlaced

Electronic Zoom:

2, 4 interpolating


Built- in Digital Video:

CMOS Sensor, 1600 x 1200 pixels, 224 colors

Image Presentation

External Display:

2.47″TFT high resolution color LCD

Video Output:

PAL/ NTSC, composite video


Temperature Range:

-20 250C


2oC or 2% of reading

Measurement Modes:

Auto hot & cold spot, auto alarm, live/zoomed image etc

Emissivity Correction:

Variable from 0.01 to 0.99 (in 0.01 increment)

Measurement Features:

Automatic correction based on user input for reflected ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity, atmospheric transmission and external optics

Image Storage


Built-in Flash memory and SD card

File Format:

IRI (An individual file consists of infrared image, visual image and voice annotation if any)

Voice Annotation:

Variant for different files, up to 300 seconds per file 

System Status Indication

LCD Display:

Shows status of battery, indication of power

Sound Alarm

Automatic alarm for power shortage

Laser Locator

Classification Type:

Class 2 semiconductor laser

Battery System


Li-ion battery, rechargeable, filed replaceable

Operating Time:

Over 4 hours continuous operation

Charging System:

In camera (battery charger) or 5V via USB interface from AC adapter (96- 250 VAC)

Power Dissipation:

< 3W

Environmental Specification

Operating Temperature:

0 - +50C

Storage Temperature:

-20 - +60C


Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non- condensing




Operational: 25G, IEC 68-2-29


Operational: 2G, IEC 68-2-6



Image (thermal & visual), measurement, voice and digital video transfer to PC

Physical Characteristics


154mm x 69mm x 54mm (Standard Model)


0.265Kg (including battery)


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