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With access to over 1000 suppliers throughout the world Procureit is not limited in it's product range. Nothing is too hard for the procurement specialists. Suppliers are selected based on the quality of their products, with the bulk buying power that Procureit has, the savings can be passed on to you.

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Abrasives Abattoir equipment Absorbents ABW Tools AC/DC motors Accumulator Actuators Adhesives Aeration equipment Aerials Agitators Agricultural machinery Air circulators Air compressors Air conditioners Air filters Air tools Alloys and powders Aluminium products Anchors Aprons Auction agents Augers Axles Backhoes Bakelite Ball bearings Ball valves Bandsaws Batching plant Batteries Beams Bearings Bellows Belts Bending machines Bilge pumps Bins Blasting equipment Blowers Boat equipment Boilers Bolts Boosters Boots Borehole pumps Boring machines Stanley Bostitch Brake & clutch linings Brake disc & drum Brass Balls Brass fittings Brazing wire Breathing apparatus Bristar Bronze Brushes Building supplies Bulldozer parts Burglar alarm systems Bushings Buttweld fittings Cabinets Cable Cable ties Calibration equipment Calipers Camlocks Capacitors Car accessories Car & Truck Parts Carpet Carpentry tools Cartridge filters Castors Catering equipment Cement Centrifugal pumps Centrifuges Chain Chain blocks Chain drives Chain hoists Chain saws Chain slings Check valves Chemical process pumps Chemicals Circlips Circuit breakers Cisterns Cladding Clamps Cleaning products Clips Clothing Clutch linings Clutches Coal crushing Coffee machinery Compactors Compasses Compressors Computer Concrete mixers Concrete pumps Concrete vibrators Conduits Connectors Contactors Container seals Control cables Control equipment Control panels Conveyor Copper tubing Couplings Cord Cranes Crayons Crushing equipment and parts Cultivators Cutting Tools Cut-off wheels Cylinders Deburrers Defibrillator Degreasers Detectors Diagnostics Dial gauges Diesel engines Differential kits Diffusers Distribution boards Door hardware Dozer blades Dozer parts Drafting equipment Drag chains Drill bits Drilling equipment Drive belts Drive shafts Drum gauges Drum handling Drum pumps Drum rollers Drums & Cans Dryers Ducting Ducts Dust collectors Dust extraction equipment Ear muffs Earthmoving spare parts Electric hacksaw Electric hoists Electric motors Electric pumps Electrical equipment Electrode Elevator Elevator bucket Engines Equipment Escalators Evaporators Excavation equipment Exhaust Exhaust fans Expansion bellows Expansion joints ExStink Face Masks Face shields Facial protection Fans Facsimile machines Fasteners Fax machines Feeler gauges Feminine Care Fencing supplies Ferrobestos Fiberglass Files Filters Filtration equipment Fire alarm systems Fire extinguishers Fire fighting equipment First aid kits Fishing equipment Flanges Float valves Floor coatings Floor tiles Flow controls Flow meters Flow valves Fluid couplings Fluxes Food handling equipment Foot switches Foot valves Footwear Forklift truck parts Forklifts Front end loaders Fume control equipment Furnaces Fuses Galvanised pipes Garage doors Garage equipment Garden tools Gas Analysers Gas cutting equipment Gas engines Gasket Kits Gate valves Gauges dial Geared motors Gears Gearbox kits Gearboxes Generators Geophysical equipment Gland packing Glass Globe valves Gloves Glucose monitors Glues Goggles Grab kits Grader parts Grandstand seating Grandstands Grates Grease Grease guns Griffin Filters Grinders Grinding discs Grinding machines Grub screws Guard rails Guttering Hacksaws Hammer mill crushers Hammers Hand cleaners Hand Tools Hand trolleys Hard Hats Hardness testers Harvesters Hatches Hazard equipment Heat exchangers Heaters Health equipment Helical gears Herbicides High pressure pumps Hinges Hoists Holesaws Honing machines Hose clamps Hose Fittings Hose reels Hoses Hospital equipment Hotline Tools Hubs Hydrant Hydrant valves Hydraulic valves Hydraulic equipment Hydraulic hacksaw Hydraulic pumps Hydrometers Identification systems Impact crushers Incandescent lamps Incinerators India Mark 2 Deepwell Pump Industrial heaters Injection pumps Insertion rubber Insulation materials Insulation tape Insulators Intercom systems Inverters Irrigation equipment Irrigation sprinklers Isolators Jackhammers Jacks Janitorial  Jaw crushers Jepson Jerry cans Jointing materials Junction boxes Kitchen appliances Komatsu parts Knife gate valves Labels Lathes Lawn mower parts Lever blocks Lifting Products Lightning Detector Lignostone Compress Wood for Cryogenics Locks Machines & parts Magic Wheel Bike Magnetic drill Marine accessories Marine engines Marine pumps Masks Material handling equipment Medical Equipment Metal products Moisture Analyzer Motors Measuring equipment Miniature fasteners Mitutoyo Mounts Oils Non sparking tools O rings Orkot Pallet trucks Partswashers Petrol powered tools Pharmaceutical supplies Phone cards Pipe fittings Plastic Plastic conveyor chain Pneumatic hacksaw Pool pumps Portable toilets Power hacksaws Power Tools Power Transmission Pressure gauges Pressure regulators Pressure relief valves Pressure switches Printers Process controls Propellers Protective clothing Proximity sensing Pullers Pulleys Pumps PVC products Quick release couplings Racking Radar Radiator hoses Ratchets Reflective Barrier Tape Non-adhesive Refrigeration Regulators Relays Respirators Resuscitation equipment Rewinding equipment Ripper teeth Riveting machines Rivets Road compactors Road rollers Rock breakers Rock drills Roller door Roll pins Roof sheeting Rope Router bits Rubber products Rubbish bins Rust preventatives Rust removers Safes Safety Safety equipment Safety helmets Safety spectacles Sand blasting equipment Sanitary ware Sawing machines Saws Scaffolding Scales Scientific equipment Scissor lifts Scraper blades SCUBA equipment Sealants Sealers Seals Seating Security equipment Separators Shade cloth Sheaves Sheds Shelving Ship bearings Shipping containers Shock absorbers Shoes protective Shop fittings Shovels Shredders Sidchrome Tools Signs Silos Skyscan Slashers Slew rings Slings Sludge pumps Slurry pumps Software Solar panels Solder Solenoid valves Solvents Soundless cracking agent Spare parts Spark plugs Spray guns Spring washers Springs Sprockets Stainless steel fasteners Stainless Steel Nails Stanley Tools & Hardware Starters Steam cleaning equipment Steam traps Steel products Sterilisation packaging Stern Drive Bushing Stethoscopes Storage systems Strapping equipment Stretchers Subsmersible pumps Surge protectors Surgical accessories Surgical instruments Survey equipment Swimming pool equipment Switch Switchboards Switchgear Swivel repair kits Synthetic grass Synthetic turf Tachometers Tamping rammers Tarps Tarpaulins Tee bolts Temperature control Terminal boxes Test pumps Testing equipment Theodolites Thermal clothing Thermal products Thermal imagers Thermometers Thermostats Threaded rods Threading machines Three phase converters Tie wire Ties Tig welders Tiles Time clocks Timing belts Timing chain Toggle switches Tool grinders Torniquet Track rollers Tools Tractor parts Tractors Transducers Transfer case repair kits Transformers Transmission belting Transmissions Transmitters Trays Trolleys Truck mounted cranes Truck parts Trucks Tubes Tubing Tufnol Turfers Turntables Twist drills Tyres U bolts Ultra violet lamps Universal joints UPS systems V belts Vacuum pumps Valve actuators Valves Vane pumps Variable speed belt Variable speed controller Varnishes Vee belts Vibrating rollers Vibrating screens Vices Visors Voltage regulators Voltage testers Voltmeters Vomit Control Vortex pumps Warning labels Washers Water blasters Water coolers Water heaters Welding equipment Wheelbarrows Wheel bearing kits Wheels & castors Wheel nut indicators Winches Windscreens Wire mesh Wire rope Witches hats Woodworking machines Work wear Yacht equipment Plugs & Switches Air Bag Jacks Air Compressors Air Hydraulic Jacks Air Lift Seat Angle Grinders ATV Lifts Augers Earth Bale Spears Bandsaws Metal & Wood Powered Wheelbarrow
Battery Charger Battery Tester Beanstalk Stacker Bearing Pullers / Separators Bender Billy Kart / Go Kart Bin Racks Saw Blade Sharpener Body Frame Repair Kit Box Blade / Scraper Blade/ Drag Harrow Petrol Driven Breaker Brick Saw Cutter Bucket Fork Extenions Camping Chairs Car Jacks Carry Alls Dump Carts Mechanics Carts Wheelbarrow Carts Cement Mixer Tractor powered Chain Blocks Chainsaw Sharpener Chemical Pump Chipper / Shredder Circular Saw Heavy Duty Compactors Concrete Vibrator Core Drills Crane Lifting Crane Fork Lift attachment Ute Crane Workshop Creeper Cultivator Jepson Cut of Saw Petrol Demolition Saw Diesel and Oil Pumps Diesel Engines Diesel Water Pumps Disc Harrow Caravan Dollies Trailer Dollies Truck & Car Dollies Dovetail Attachment Drag Harrows Drill Presses Drum Trolleys Dry Cutter Dump Carts Dust Collectors Engine Cranes Engine Levellers Engine Stands Engine Supports Extension Leads Industrial Fans Firefighting Pumps Flags Forklift Accessories Generators Go Kart Engine Grader Blade Grass Trimmer Hand Grinder Bench Grinder Universal Grinder Angle Grinder Spanner Stump Grinder Linisher Grinder Gun Safe Hammer Drills Hand Trolleys Hand Wipes Hay Spears Hoists Electric Holesaw Kits Hydraulic Coil Spring Compressor Jack Hammers Air Bag Jacks Air Hydraulic Jacks Car Jacks Farm Jacks Transmission Jacks Trolley Jacks Vehicle Positioning Jacks Jigsaw Jockey Wheels Ratchet Type Jockey Wheels Solid Type Jump Leads Jump Starts REDBACK Ladder Brackets Landscaper Rake Laser Detector Lathes Metal / Wood Lawn Edgers Lawn Mowers Reel Mowers Linishall & Sanding Attachment Lock Mortiser Attachment Wheel Locks Log Splitters Lounges Magic Wheel Magnetic Parts Tray Mechanics Cart Metal Cutters Electric Metal Cutters Twinners Mig Welders Mitre Saws Mobile Working Platforms Motorcycle Lifts Rotary Mowers Finish Mowers Nibblers Nutcrackers Oil Filter Crusher Oil Transport Tanks Oxy Kits Pallet Trucks Parking Mat Parts Washer Petrol Engines Pipe Benders Planers ATV Compact tow behind Disc Plough Polisher Toolbox Portable Toolbox Sawbench Porta Power Post Drivers Pressure Washers Ratchet Pullers Comealongs Porta Power Trash Pumps Transfer Pumps Truck RampsMotorcycle ramp

Rebar Cutters Piggy Back Moulded Extention Leads 2 core and 3 core repair leads Tractor Rippers Rope Rotary Hammer Drill Pressure Washers Rotary Tiller Router Heavy Duty Safety Barriers Collapsable Safety Bollards Safety Rails Sandblast Units Sanders & Accessories Saws Saw Bench Scaffolding Platform Scales Crane Scales Floor Scales Scraper Blade Tractor 3 point Scoop Secret Nailer Service Trolleys Sewer Pipe Cleaners Hand Shears Plate Bar Shears Sheet Metal Bending Brake Shop Cranes Shop Presses Shredder / Chippers Shrink Wrap Slashers Socket & Spanner Sets Sprayers Petrol & Electric Trolley Sprayers Seed and Fertilizer Spreaders Square Tube Bender Stackers Rolling Stands Electric Stirrer Stools & Tables

Stump Grinder Subsoilers Lawn Sweepers Warehouse Floor Sweeper Tap & Die Sets Tile Cutters Power Tillers Rotary Tillers Hand Tillers Alumnium Toolboxes Torches Tractor Trays Transmission Jacks Trash Sludge Pump Tree Puller Trolley Jacks Truck Single Folding Step Tyre Changers Ute Toolbox Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Garden Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Vehicle Positioning Jack

Offset Vices Tool Wall Cabinet Indsutrial MIST FANS Water Pumps Pressure Washers Welders & Accessories Welding Helment AUTOMATIC Wheel Balancer Petrol Engine WINCH 12v winches Electric WOOD CUTTER Petrol WOOD CUTTER Titan Tools Petol Tools Valve Wheel Wrenches

Procureit Australia Pty Ltd
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PO Box 249
Geebung, Qld 4034 AUSTRALIA
Ph + 617 3889 9525
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Email sales@procureit.com.au

* 2-3 working days to approved customers providing the item is available in the Brisbane metropolitan area on the day of order and subject to transport.
All brand names and logos depicted are property of their respective trademark owners.